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1.- Motto(Its Like Your Slogan): Your Motto Must Have "N.O.G {Never Out Gun}"

2.- Name(NOT YOUR GAMERTAG!!!):Must Have Your Rank, N.O.G And What You Would Like To Be Your Nickname Or Name "PVT{N.O.G Name}"

3.- Location: Must Have the Gaming Communitys Slogan "{THE TAKE OVER HAS RIZE}"

4.- Bio: On Your Bio You Must Put N.O.G And What Platoon you are Part Of!! "N.O.G Platoon_Name Platoon"

This Is What Your Info/Uniform Should Look Like!

  1. Primary and Secondary Grenades are allowed.
  2. Secondary Weapons are allowed.
  3. Banned Items:
    • Banned Weapons
      • SMAW
      • RPG
    • Banned Lethals
      • C4
      • Claymore
      • Bouncing Betty
    • Banned Tacticals
      • Shock Charge
      • Tactical Insertion
    • Banned Attachments
      • Launcher
    • Banned Perks
      • Ghost
      • Hardline
    • Banned Scorestreaks
      • UAV
      • Care Package
      • Counter UAV
      • Hunter Killer Drone
      • Guardian
      • Orbital VSAT
  4. The bomb may not be planted on top of the Bomb site for any reason in Search and Destroy. This is due to the bomb not being able to be defused while prone, but the option appears on screen to do so.
  5. Using any banned item listed above in Search and Destroy will result in a forfeit of the round(s) the banned item was used in. For CTF or Hardpoint, the game where the banned item was used will result in a forfeit of that map.
  6. Breaking of rule 3-5 will result in a forfeit of the game/map.
  7. Party chat is allowed for this tournament.
  8. On the Xbox 360, we highly recommend that all players appear offline. Users are not to dispute a match on purpose if the other team did not appear offline.
  9. Random players should not be allowed into the room prior to the match beginning.
  10. If a player lags out during a search and destroy game, the round in which the lag-out occurred should be played out and completed. After that round is finished, the game should be ended before the start of the next round (during intermission). It is the responsibility of the team whose player lagged out to end or leave the game after the round ends. The team that dropped the player is to be given five (5) minutes for the player to return or for a substitute to be made. The map will then resume at the point the map was ended. If the team who lost a player does not end/leave the game, and the map is completed, the scores will stand.
  11. For help with in-game issues, please read the Online Tournament Support Staff section below.